why does a baby fight sleep?

why does a baby fight sleep?

why does a baby fight sleep? Have you ever been through this difficult test where you want to go to sleep and your child or small infant starts to move beside you and may cry and make you cannot sleep?
I think so, this is often passed to all mothers and fathers, and they may always wonder what is happening to this little child or this infant. This is what we will try to answer in this article and we will show the most common things that make children abstain from sleep and fight sleep in various ways.

1- Your baby may be feeling tired:
Do not be surprised at this, as he may feel so tired that he cannot go to sleep or take a rest. If your child is subjected to interruption of sleep more than once, then it may be difficult for him to fall asleep, and you can overcome this problem by putting in place a sleep system, this is one of the most. The things that will make your child not fight sleep.

2- Your baby may not feel tired:
So if you want your child to take a nap and do not find him reluctant to sleep, then perhaps the child is in good condition and does not feel exhausted and does not want to sleep because he may have been awake too soon, or you are making him sleep a lot, so he fights sleep.

3- Your baby may be in an environment that does not help him sleep:
If the time comes to sleep and your child does not want to sleep, then perhaps the place or environment is not suitable for sleep, so it refuses to sleep, or there may be annoying sounds, or the place may be very dark. The place is quiet and free from any noise, and the lighting of the place where he will sleep will be dim.

4- Your baby may feel very hungry:
So if bedtime comes, your child may be feeling very hungry, so you must be sure that his stomach is full before bed
Because hunger not only prevents infants and young people from sleeping, but also adults.

5- He may not know that his bedtime has come:
One of the things that make children fight sleep is that the child does not know that his bedtime has come, and the reason for that is his young age or lack of control over things and solving this problem by following a specific routine when he sleeps so that if he sees his mother doing these things he knows that bedtime has approached, he does not fight sleep .

6- It may be because you are no longer used to sleeping your child alone:
This is a problem, and the parents or whoever raises or takes care of the child must teach him to take care of himself and not depend on the parents in everything
Because this may affect him negatively at old age and may render him impersonal.

7-His bed may be uncomfortable.
Therefore, dear mother, you should check your child’s bed, as it may be uncomfortable or has things that make it difficult for him to sleep.

8- The room temperature may not be suitable:
One of the things that make the child fight sleep is that the room in which the hump may have the temperature may be high or the degree of coldness is high and the solution to that problem is to monitor the temperature and the degree of coldness in the room.

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Why do babies cry before going to sleep?

Although crying is a normal thing in children and infants, but it is difficult for parents to listen to their children while they are crying, especially before bed
But there are reasons for the children to cry before going to sleep, and because the crying of children is the only way in which the child can express himself, so if a child hits his hand or leg, he does not say my hand hurts me or my leg, so he begins to cry
A crying baby may want to tell you that he is tired, hungry, sick, or because of physical discomfort in general
He may cry because he finds it difficult to clear his nasal passages or because of teething pain
The child may cry because his clothes may be itchy or uncomfortable
The child may also cry because he wants his parents to change his nappy for him because it may be wet or dirty

For a child who is less than three months old, crying may be because of their age, because children at this age are not equipped with a bladder, stomach, and bodies to stay overnight, so crying from time to time

Note: – Sometimes the child cries for no reason, and the crying behind this cry is that he does not want to depend on himself so parents must teach him to depend on himself from a young age

At the end of this point is “Why do babies cry before going to sleep?” Parents should create a comfortable and calm atmosphere for their child, and thus the child will calm down and cry less because sleep will be more effective on him.

What is the best natural sleep aid for kids?

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But there are things that must be taken into consideration: –
You should always consult a doctor or visit a health care professional before using this product because it may be good for children and other children who are not good with them.
Moreover, it may have side effects or health problems if used with other substances, and because your doctor will know if this product is suitable or not suitable for you, and if it is appropriate, the doctor is the one who determines for you the appropriate dose for the child, which is likely to achieve the best results, the health of our children is the most important Something in this world

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