What do you know about your child's first smile

What do you know about your child’s first smile?

What do you know about your child’s first smile? And how do you encourage your child to laugh, and is it when the child laughs while he is asleep, so the reason for that is that he sees the angels and when will I worry if my child does not laugh, and what kinds of smiles does the child smile? All these questions will be answered in this post.

Your child’s first smile upon entering this community
When you encourage your child to smile, you encourage him to develop self-esteem, and when you encourage your child to smile, you are explaining to your child that his feelings are important to society and also laughter helps the child’s mind develop faster.

How do I convince my child to smile?

Parents and smart mothers should not choose them all the time
There are certain times when the child laughs
These are the times when the child is relaxed and when the child is full and not hungry because a hungry child does not always tend to laugh.

Also, if you want your child to laugh, you must bring your face close to your child’s face and make sure that your child sees you
The baby at this time after two months of birth can see well.

If you see your baby laughing after birth and before he is two months old, then this is a normal thing that happens with many children.

Sometimes, a few weeks after the birth of your baby, your baby starts to smile, and sometimes this indicates gases coming out of your baby.

If you see your baby from the age of 6 weeks to 8 weeks smiling, this indicates a warm message that your child sends you.

Notes: –

1– If you want your child to laugh and not respond, do not worry, as he may laugh when you turn your back.
2- If the birth of your baby is early for some time, your baby’s smile may be delayed for some time, so do not worry, mother
3- If you see your child laughing at his father and not laughing with his mother, do not worry at all. The child may laugh because the father’s style is different from the mother’s style and because the mother often has a calm style, so you find the child interacting with his father’s style and not interacting with his mother’s style.

When babies smile in their sleep do they see angels?

One of the beautiful things that are common among people and I enjoy when I hear this from them. They say that when children laugh while they are asleep or while they are awake, at that time they see angels, so they smile. It is never true because it has no scientific evidence
And the reason may be, as we said at the beginning of the blog: –

1- It is due to the discharge of gases from the child while he is asleep and this is what makes him smile, but this does not have any tangible scientific evidence, but what made them say that even though he does not have scientific evidence supported that the child is nervous when he has colic in his stomach, so if these gases come out of him it starts In a smile.

2- The reason for the smile may be REM Sleep Cycle
So if you see your baby laughing during sleep, he may be in the REM sleep cycle
And he may remember some of the laughter that he had previously during the day.

3- At times, some convulsions may appear in the form of laughter during sleep, so if you see this along with other symptoms such as losing weight and laughing a lot constantly for no reason, you should go to the doctor because this may negatively affect your child and affect your child’s comfort during sleep.

What are the types of smiles for children?

How much a mother loves her baby when he smiles while he is asleep, but she hopes to know what drives the child to laugh while sleeping
Scientific studies have proven that babies have three types of smiles

1- Impressionist smile:
This smile will be on the child’s face since his first days and this smile will continue throughout the first month of his life and be in a picture similar to a smile
This smile occurs when someone plays it loudly.

2- General smile:
This smile appears after four weeks, and the child smiles at this time when he sees a face smiling at him, and at this time the mother believes that her baby knows her while the truth is, which may be disturbed by the mother, that the child smiles at this stage to anyone approaching him and not just his mother.

3- Special smile:
This smile starts from five or seven months, and the child does not smile except for the faces known and familiar to him only. This smile was a greeting from him to those who know them while this smile disappears and is replaced by a screaming if he sees a face he does not know.

Does the child smile because he is happy?

There is no doubt that children have behaviors quite similar to adults
It does not mean that they are still young, that they are emotionless, and this is absolutely not true
With all this, it does not cost much to get a smile from a child
Perhaps the child laughs at a man who is not from the family as someone from the family laughs

Does it mean that the child laughs that he is happy, or that he is optimistic about life, etc. This matter is not necessarily as the experts once believed
As Kathryn Smerling said, “It’s important to remember that emotion doesn’t tie into a baby’s constant smiles,”

How can I encourage my baby to smile?

One of the important questions is how to encourage a smile in children, and this matter comes with several things, including giving them love and affection, and also playing with them and singing for them.
He hugged your children and kissed them between their eyes
Play with them Games like peek-a-boo. You can look at it here These games make kids happy. Start with your children with a smile. This also makes them smile. All of these things work on the child’s development better and improve their social skills.

When should I worry about my baby not smiling?

Perhaps you do not need to worry about this, because the reason for their not laughing or smiling may be related to the child’s personality or mood.
But if your child has passed three months and you do not find him interacting with you or other caregivers, then you should go to the specialist doctor quickly.
Because your child’s life is more important than everything, and because he cannot tell about anything
And because there is nothing happier than seeing your child happy, smiling and interacting with others.

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