step 2 kitchen fun with friends Kitchen pros&cons

  • Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen
  • Large Plastic Play Kitchen
  • Realistic Lights & Sounds
  • Brown Kids Kitchen Playset
  • 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set
  • 12.5 x 35.75 x 40.88

Your little one will enjoy making his own imaginary creations with the step 2 kitchen fun with friends Kitchen Kids’ Play Kitchen with a 38 piece accessory set.

You can see it the moment you open the cartoon in this video

  • It offers hours of fun in game time.
  • There is plenty of space on the counter for several children to play together.
  • Your little one will enjoy pretending to cook in his own kitchen or preparing imaginable food for a restaurant game in this Step2 kids’ kitchen.
  • It’ll last for years.
  • This small children’s play kitchen has space underneath to store items.
  • Comes with 38 pieces for creative pleasure The Step2 Fun with Friends Kids’ Play Kitchen Burner features lights and sounds.
  • Step2 Fun with Friends Kids’ Play Kitchen with 38 accessories, Tan:
  • electronic burner with lights and work sounds Step2
  • The children’s kitchen includes coffee cups with coffee pods.
  • Comes with realistic features to enhance the fantasy game.
  • It has a passage window for several little ones to play.
  • It has a shelf for dishes above the counter to store dishes neatly.
  • Step 2 The children’s kitchen comes with 2 light blue containers for extra storage.
  • It features a microwave, refrigerator and oven doors.
  • Children’s kitchen windows have hooks for hanging cups and kitchen utensils Helps improve hand-eye coordination and coarse motor skills .

Why We Love step 2 kitchen fun with friends?

  • Work lights and sparkling sounds add to the fake cooking game!
  • (Requires 2 AA batteries, not included)
  • Molded dish racks, single serving coffee pod space, shelves and more make cleaning easy.
  • Microwave, oven and refrigerator all have functional doors to mimic a real kitchen!
  • Everything the little ones need to get started in the kitchen
  • just take a trip to the grocery store to eat a few games! (Game food not included)


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Why Play with a Play Kitchen?

1-Creativity + Role Play
The pretend game allows children to get involved in storytelling as they act on new scenarios and communicate what is happening with imaginary things.
2-a great way to evolve creativity and language skills!
Physical and motor play kitchens offer children many ways to practice their motor skills, such as grasping and using small accessories and utensils, opening and closing doors, and turning oven knobs.
3-Language + Social Skills
Role play requires children to participate in storytelling while inventing scenarios and communicating with others about the role they play.
4-Critical Thinking
They must also react and build from what the other person has said or done. Critical Thinking When you have trouble playing, such as problems closing the refrigerator door when too many items are placed inside or trying to turn the faucet over a full sink, it allows children to think about the problems and find solutions.

How do I make my kids love the game?

  • Role play in the restaurant: Be a customer in your child’s restaurant! Let them tell you what is on the menu and place your order.
    Be sure to ask them many questions during cooking and give special requests to encourage their critical thinking.
    Have fun sharing cleaning responsibilities with your little one.
  • Pretend to wash and save dishes when the play time is over will help promote good habits, show an example of teamwork and an advantage in the development of motor skills!
    Playing with a Step2 pretending to play cooking? Combine it with one of our table and chair sets to complete your child’s mini restaurant.
  • Our favorites include the Step2 Junior Chic 3-Piece Furniture Set and the Step2 3-Piece Bench Set.
    Fun cooking with friends at Step2 is the perfect kitchen for friends to cook delicious dishes.
    This children’s play kitchen offers plenty of kitchen accessories and a spacious counter space for several children to play together.
  • The little ones will spend hours of fun believing they are cooking in their own kitchen or preparing for a restaurant game.
    Cooking is sure to be a success in the coming years!
    Made in the USA
    Assembly required for adults.

What are the dimensions of step 2 kitchen fun with friends?

  • 12.5 x 35.75 x 41 inches.

What is the weight of the product?

  • Item Weight 22.7 pounds..

What is the appropriate age for this product?

  • Mfg Recommended age 24 months – 6 years.


  • The size is great
    Great sound features on the stove
    It comes with super cute VERY durable cookware Dinnerware.
    The sink is deep enough for a few items
    Cute colors, great material.
    The animal can sit in the cubby!


  • The refrigerator door opens maybe 2″ and sort of snaps back shut.
    So that part is not useful.the backside on the left and right you have to screw in at a 45 degree


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