melissa and doug cleaning set Review

housekeeping tools  ,broom
basket,wooden ironing board
brush,detergent bottle
dryer sheets,iron
scrub brush are comfortable to use and easy to store
scouring powder can and squeegee
sponge,spray bottle and squeegee
and storage stand
28″H x 4.5″W x 11″D.

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melissa and doug cleaning set is to encourage early brain development and help children  Kids love to play at home independently or use this set with adults

How many pieces are there in melissa and doug cleaning set?

Melissa & Doug makes home game fun with this six-piece cleaning tool set.

  • housekeeping tools
  • broom
  • dusterdustpan
  • mop
  • stand
  • basket
  • wooden ironing board
  • brush
  • detergent bottle
  • dryer sheets
  • iron
  • scrub brush are comfortable to use and easy to store
  • scouring powder can
  • and squeegee
  • sponge
  • spray bottle
  • and squeegee
  • and storage stand
  • 28″H x 4.5″W x 11″D.


What are the components of the material?

  • Textile
  • paint
  • plastic
  • wood
  • metal
  • ceramic magnet



.Why do I love Melissa and doug cleaning set?

  • Toddlers can help keep everything flawless and bright with this cleaning and laundry set that’s never a chore
  • Realistic child-friendly size accessories, including broom and duster, are ideal for keeping your kitchen clean.
  • They can do laundry with an ironing board basket and a bottle of detergent and scrub with a sponge brush and spray bottle.


What did the experts say about kitchen and home games?

  • Experts say that the best toys are those that encourage interaction. Toys are designed to inspire engagement and connection with your child.
  • Many even include enrichment ideas directly on the packaging. Because children who can imagine possibilities become adults who can make their dreams a reality.



What did the American Academy of Pediatrics say about children’s games?

Limit screen time make time for unstructured game and choose toys that inspire imagination.
melissa and doug cleaning game is here to help you fill this recipe for a healthy practical game
The American Academy of Pediatrics is serious about children’s games

What are the specifications of the product?

Includes a stand for easy storage

Sturdy wooden construction
All parts are made of durable and sized for kids.
The dust bin fits all handles.
You can simply hang them to the sturdy cords on the included bracket for clean and compact storage.
The dust bin can also fit any handle.
The natural wood handles add durability and a classic look, while the vivid touches of color keep a lot of fun in the mix.
Suitable for children aged 3 years and older .

What is melissa and doug cleaning set useful for?

Kids love to play at home independently or using this set with adults

Melissa & Doug is to encourage early brain development and help children acquire essential skills through play that helps teach responsibility and increases self-esteem.

Let’s see the running water play sink Review that
This game helps children develop fine motor skills, encourages them to get up and move, and encourages creativity and imagination.

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Help families adopt the three principles of a healthy game:
enjoy screen-free time
prioritize the practical game
interact and connect through the game
And the summary of the matter
Learn Skills and Build Confidence.

What did users say about it?

1-During this period of social isolation, I continued to do chores with a little baby following me as a do chores around the house So got this for her to play as I do chores and she can’t be more thrilled The most perfect

2- I love this item, my son is one and obsessed with the normal broom.
This toy not only took his mind off our broom and dustpan,
but also became a small helper in the house.

When you choose melissa and doug cleaning set, you choose the right choice and the best games.

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