cotton candy maker toy the honest Review

  • Candies that glow like magic
  • Great for parties
  • Make yummy candy with real sugar
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Cra-Z-Art The Real Cotton Candy Maker get ready for some carnival fun with cotton candy maker toy machines

  • cotton candy maker Toy – DIY Make Your Own Cotton Candy using Regular Candy Maker Products Make your own cotton candy …
  • All parts that need washing detach with ease making it very easy and safe to clean….
  • The portable design is perfect for sleepovers, parties, functions, movie nights, and more….
  • A spoonful of regular sugar, and you can start enjoying this sweet delicacy. …
  • Safest unit in the market …
  • Easy to make  that…
  • Ages 8 and older Cotton Candy Party MachineCotton Candy Party allows you to bring the carnival to your own home….
  • Cra-Z-Art Deluxe Cotton Candy Maker come with Lite Up Wand TV….
  • It is very easy to use, and comes with simple instructions that make it a great family or birthday activity…
  • Real cotton candy maker with lite-up wand makes it glow like magic…
  • No food ingredient included…
  • Easy clean up for reuse..



What’s in the box?

  • Set includes
  1. carnival designed cotton candy sticks  reusable lite-up
  2. machine with adapter
  3. simple instructions included
  4. 3 paper cones
  5. Lite Wand comes with batteries included
  6. It has safe LEDs inside food grade plastic that create 5 different light patterns every time the button is pressed. …

How do you make cotton candy with cotton candy maker?

  1. Plug in the maker

and allow it to warm up.

  1. Simply warm up unit .
  2. Heat it for ten minutes.
  3. slowly pour small amounts of sugar into the spinner.
  4. Put two tablespoons of sugar in the machine
  5. Wait 3 to 5 minutes before serving cotton sweets.
  6. Turn the maker off and clean it immediately.
  7. Simply hand wash wand when done to use again.
  8. Wash all parts of the machine with warm water and a sponge

Can you use regular sugar for cotton candy?

Use common household sugar or colored sugar to suit your taste..

do not forget  Make sure you use pure sugar with a cotton candy maker. Any other sugar will not make cotton sweets. . Cotton candy makers are messy.


  • It’s fun to make and fun to eat, enjoy making candy together
  • The machine is fun and easy to use for children ages 10 years and up.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • Clean the maker immediately after use to prevent hard-to-remove stains from forming.
  • always creative” with cotton candy maker toy.


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What is the best cotton candy maker?

Cotton candy maker toy is the best maker of cotton candy

What are the dimensions of the product?

14.5 x 12.38 x 5 inches.


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