elxjar Balance Beam, Gymnastics Beam, with Grip Suede, Anti-Slip Base, Gymnastics Beam for Training, Practice, Physical Therapy and Home Use, 5ft

elxjar Balance Beam pros& cons

This versatile toy elxjar Balance Beam was originally developed for use in pre-school learning environments inspired by Waldorf.

Its goal is to help children develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system, further develop their mental and bodily consciousness and improve their imagination.

the wooden board to balance your creation is due to the community. It stimulates the vestibular system, which is of great importance for overall development and learning. Supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture develops a sense of balance. Kids will love the endless play possibilities this Balance Beam creates. Balancing, lying on it, sitting on it, using it as a stool, creating a bridge or perhaps a shelter for all game animals in the toy room – the possibilities are endless!

because products are made of wood, so it is easy to break during transport. If you receive the wooden edge of the scale is damaged, please feel free to contact ! We would be happy to help you with any problems in the transaction.

Table Material: High Quality Natural Beech Wood and Birch Wood, Environmentally Friendly Lacquers The wood has unique patterns of coloring, texture, grain and minerals in the outer layer.

These are variations that make each table unique.
Several ways to play: children can play this balance table with their imagination.

Children can swing, use it as a car track, bridge, slide, balance beam, stool, rest or reading place, tunnel, doll cradle.

The possibilities are endless! Please do not hit the edge of the scale on the floor or hard objects, otherwise the edges will crack.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Measures 33 inches long, 30 cm wide and 7 inches high at the highest point It has a thickness of 0.66 inches.

Which allows you to support 220 kg/485lbs! Adult supervision is required when playing with these tables.

Children should learn to never hold the edges and be aware that the toes and toes are trapped under the board.

Provide at least 2 meters of free space around the elxjar Balance Beam when use is free of other children or objects.

Elxjar Balance Beam should only be used on a flat, flat surface.

Barefoot or non-slip shoes should avoid slipping when using the board.

Recommended for indoor use only.

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Specifications of the elxjar Balance Beam:-

  • Country of Design: USA
  • Dimensions:
    Measures 33 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 7 inches
  • Age Recommendation: wooden toys for 6 year olds
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Brand : elxja
  • Primary Material: High Quality Natural Beech Wood and Birch Wood


  • The color of the product is the color shown in the picture
    the balance board is light brownish ,and the felt is gray.

What We Like(pros):-

  • Made of high quality natural beech wood and Birch Wood
  • It is so sturdy and durable that it can hold approximately 220 kg/485lbs.
  • Children can swing, use it as a car track, bridge, slide, balance beam, stool, rest or reading place, tunnel, doll cradle.
    Anti-Slip Base.
  • Physical Therapy and Home Use.

What We Don’t Like(cons):-

  • Adult supervision is required when playing with these tablesWhich restricts the freedom of adults somewhat .

If you are really willing to pay a few dollars then the Elxjar Balance Beam is one to keep in mind because of its power and the fun that old and young people get from behind this gam

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